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Poster: He Live's Date: Feb 15, 2009 11:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: MONOCHROMATIC JAM SESSION

i feel the same re: going to shows (though i suspect you have at least a few years on me).

to a degree, i think that it is on me for not trying very hard. but i also think, to a degree, there is not a lot of interesting stuff going on. there IS... A LOT going on... but the quality i am looking for is not there as far as i can tell.

i would go see a band like GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR or SIR RICHARD BISHOP or MASADA or something...... but there is just NOTHING like the GD anymore -- no kind of serious BAND that is touring like they did, putting on large theatre shows. i mean my whole take is that there never will be either.... that they were THAT special and unique in every way and it is just VERY UNLIKELY to happen again..... i mean, sure, i am not 17 anymore -- what is the chance i am gonna get that excited about anything?

PHISH had their shot... but they came too close on the heels of the dead. and without a single meaningful song to hang their hat on. i mean... the GD had a problem translating on LP, scoring a HIT, selling an album, getting radio play. but a least they had TRUCKIN, FREIND OF THE DEVIL, CASEY JONES, LIVE DEAD, TOUCH OF GREY...... a bunch of gold records. PHISH never had a damn thing! they are not going to endure...... can you imagine a PHISH forum in 20 years?????? i mean i liked phish okay? -- had fun at the shows.... but they did not BUILD anything the way the dead did........ MY MAN, there just isn't a lot out there worth going out to see.

well? i don't know... i am open to it -- i just don't think it's out there. please someone tell me i am wrong. people will tell you -- "hey man, wake up, there's a scene in (say) brooklyn man -- crazy bands -- energy, cellos, turntables, congas, robots...." and i say -- yea sure... i like LOCAL ARTISTS and cool GROUP EXPERIENCES and EXPERIMENTATION but good, enduring music that does not make.

honestly it is all very disappointing. and the MUSIC INDUSTRY (read:ticketmaster/livenation) is turning to live concerts as the "new" cash cow... seeing as they can no longer figure out how to sell albums or "discover" talent. OK, so they're are gonna get MORE money for KATIE PERRY concerts and JONAS BROS. concerts since the kids are all getting the music for free.

maybe in the short term it dont mean shit. but, in the long term, if the record companies stop dishing out the big album money and start looking for bands that can DRAW at concert halls... maybe we will start seeing some decent touring acts again. that is where it all started right? all the enduring bands made their mark in the concert halls, BEFORE they cut records.....

sorry arb, this is a ramble.... just thinking out loud i'm afraid.


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Poster: BongWzrd Date: Feb 17, 2009 11:29am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: MONOCHROMATIC JAM SESSION

Here are some bands that are trying to do something special live.....

Umphrey's McGee
Les Claypool
The Melvins
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Secret Chiefs 3
Acid Mothers Temple
The Flaming Lips

at least their all trying......But there will never be another Grateful Dead, ever.......

Also remember, to most people music is just background noise...Thats why most mainstream music is simple, short and repetative.....People don't want to REALLY listen to music anymore....And now that people don't want to pay for music anymore, the industry needs to figure out a new way to make money...JACK UP CONCERT TICKETS!!!!

Could you imagine if instead of Garcia dying in 95', the band just split up and Jerry got better and this was the reunion year???!!!!!!! Tickets would cost $10,000 by the time ticketmaster got done with it...